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  • While we have a very extensive supply of prescription medication... we also stock a large amount of over-the-counter drugs.

Dr. John Headding's pharmacy blog

  • Tune in Saturday, February 14th from 4:30pm-5pm for Dr John, Medicine Man.  This week's topic is: "Oil Soluble Vitamins from D to A: Helpful or harmful?" You can find Dr John's show by tuning your radio to 97.3fm or listening online at esterobayradio.org.  As always, Dr. John encourages yo[...]

Your Pharmacist

  • Dr. John Headding, Pharm.D.

  • Pharmacist / Owner
  • Dr. John Headding, Pharm.D. has been practicing clinical pharmacy for over 25 years.  He obtained his bachelor of scienc[...]

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