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  • While we have a very extensive supply of prescription medication... we also stock a large amount of over-the-counter drugs.

Dr. John Headding's pharmacy blog

  • Tune in Saturday, June 21st from 4:30pm-5pm for Dr John, Medicine Man.   His next show is titled: "Bio Identical Hormone Therapy... Part 2" You can find Dr John's show by tuning your radio to 97.3fm or listening through your computer online at esterobayradio.org.  As always, Dr. John welco[...]

Your Pharmacist

  • Dr. John Headding, Pharm.D.

  • Pharmacist / Owner
  • Dr. John Headding, Pharm.D. has been practicing clinical pharmacy for over 25 years.  He obtained his bachelor of scienc[...]

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