For Prescribers

MBDG Logo ClearMorro Bay Drug and Gift is an independently owned and family operated pharmacy.  We provide strong clinical monitoring of your patient’s medication profiles, drug interactions, therapeutic appropriateness, outcomes evaluation and medication therapy management.

Additionally, we are a compounding pharmacy with many years of experience in compounding non-sterile medication preparations.  We also provide a full range of immunization services including travel immunizations.

You may call us at any time for clinical consultation regarding your patients medication needs and or questions regarding medication therapy in general.  Periodically we will be sending you reports regarding your patient’s drug therapy with recommendations for possible interventions that can improve overall therapeutic outcomes.  The decision to change medication therapies always will reside in the hands of the ordering practitioner.

Please note that we provide a full range of therapeutic services including clinical laboratory testing, bio identical hormone compounding, complex management of chronic pain patients, diabetic therapy management, interpretation of clinical laboratories as they pertain to medication elimination and distribution as well as absorption and metabolism.  At Morro Bay Drug and Gift we interact with our patients on a routine basis getting to know their complex case history in order that we can assist you in appropriate management of their medication regimen.

If you should have any questions regarding our clinical services please do not hesitate to call us at 805–771–9988.  Additionally, if you would like a copy of our compounding prescription forms please contact us and we will make them available to you.  We are here to serve you and your patients as comprehensively as possible.

John Square HeadMost sincerely,

Dr. John Headding
Morro Bay Drug & Gift
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