Over-the-Counter Drugs & Medical Supplies

At Morro Bay Drug and gift we always have in stock a significant amount of over-the-counter medications.  Everything from vitamins, sleep aids, analgesics, stomach ache preparations, laxatives, cough and cold supplies, dermatological treatments, lotions oils and sunscreen, and all of the usual over-the-counter preparations that you would find at any retail pharmacy.  Additionally we carry a full supply of medical supplies including braces for arm, leg, shoulder, ankle, foot etc. stabilization and other general medical supplies such as bandages, first aid supplies, blood-pressure kids, and many other items.

You will find our prices very competitive and our pharmacist is always available to assist you in consultation for any illness in which over-the-counter medications may be appropriate.

If you are unable to find the exact product that you require we are usually able to obtain that for you and have it within 24 hours.  We’re always happy to look up items that you may desire that are not routinely carried in our pharmacy.

For customers out of the area or with mobility difficulties, we also offer:

Free Delivery

Mail Order Service