Prescription Cost Analysis

At Morro Bay Drug and gift we except almost all insurance plans that cover medications. 

Your co-pays, no matter what retail pharmacy you obtain your prescriptions from, are almost always the same.  If you are concerned about the cost of any medication that has been prescribed by your doctor, we would be happy to do a cost analysis before dispensing the medication so that you have full knowledge of how much your insurance co-payment will be.

We will always work to provide you a generic, less expensive alternative when available.

For patients without insurance, we work to provide prescriptions at extremely competitive prices in order to ensure that you receive value and quality service.  We are always happy to give cost estimates at any time for any prescriptions you’re considering purchasing.

You should also be aware that transferring your prescription from another pharmacy to our pharmacy is a simple process.  All the information we need to transfer your medication from another pharmacy includes your personal demographic information, the pharmacy where you have your prescription at present and the name of the medications you would like transferred.  We will do the rest.